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Lloyd Table Company - Started as a hobby...

When Lloyd A. Steffensmeier, D.C., moved to Mount Vernon, Iowa, in 1960, the small college town thought it had gained a chiropractor. Residents soon discovered, however, that Dr. Steffensmeier had ambitions beyond his practice and experience. As a Palmer College student in the mid-50's, he had designed, produced and sold portable tables. So, it wasn't too surprising when, in 1963, he designed and built for himself a knee-chest table he thought to be superior to those on the market because it adapted better to smaller patients. The product caught the interest of many local doctors, and Dr. Steffensmeier's hobby turned into a thriving business. A cervical chair and pelvic bench designs soon followed from his basement workshop.

In 1964 as an experienced Gonstead and Toftness practitioner, Dr. Steffensmeier became involved with Dr. M.B. DeJarnette's Sacro-Occipital Technique. This involvement proved to be strong influence on both his practice (he uses the method to this day) and his manufacturing business. He started to make pelvic blocks for his own use and for sale to manufacturing business. He started to make pelvic blocks for his own use and for sale to the growing group of SOT practitioners. A few years later Dr. DeJarnette asked Dr. Steffensmeier to design and manufacture block boards, sternal rolls, anterior dorsal blocks, and to make spinal distortion analyzers to sell at his SOT seminars. The model 203-ABN adjusting bench with narrowed head section was designed for use in SOT work as well as examining, therapy and adjusting. In 1965, Dr. Steffensmeier designed a newer style portable table that would be more adaptable to full-spine technique.

In 1966, Lloyd Table Company began manufacturing Lloyd's Nicholas side-posture table similar to the side posture table (Rival) manufactured by Arnold Nicholas of Davenport, and in 1968 the posture-constant chair was added to the list.

In 1972, the basement was no longer adequate for the operation. The company was then moved two miles away to a four-story brick building in Lisbon. In this 14,400 sq.ft. facility, the business expanded rapidly, continuing to increase the volume of business on an average of about 50 percent each year over the previous year. With this increase in production, more employees were hired, new machinery was purchased and advancements in the design of the table were made.

In the next five years, Lloyd Table Company grew rapidly in popularity and found it necessary to expand again. A new building was constructed, giving the company and additional 18,700 sq. ft. of building space. This additional space is utilized by upholsterers, woodworkers, and contains an assembly department and chrome plating plant.

Since Dr. Steffensmeier first manufactured the portable table, he has advanced and improved the design of chiropractic equipment. Lloyd Table Company was the first to incorporate the use of space age technology to chiropractic tables. For over forty years, Dr. Steffensmeier has been providing the industry with innovative table designs… a Chiropractor always seeking a better table. His table designs have made the chiropractic adjustment easier, more efficient and faster with less fatigue, while providing unprecedented patient comfort.

Lloyd engineers have incorporated 100% solid-state electronics to it's Galaxy series of tables and presently offer a choice of over 100,000 table variations that incorporate virtually every conceivable combination of features and options.

It's Galaxy series of luxury hydraulic adjusting tables includes a Hylo, an Elevation, a Hylo-Elevation and a non-hydraulic Stationary, plus four models of McManis (Flexion/Distraction) tables. Each table is assembled with durable two-piece steel frame and finished with baked urethane powder coating or chrome plating. The frames are mounted with an assortment of manual and hydraulic (not air controlled - no need for an auxiliary compressor) drop head, drop chest, drop lumbar and pelvic sections.

The 400 Series and the Astro Adjusting tables are economically priced, quality-built tables that provide Lloyd dependability and operator ease.

Fine details and upholstery and long lasting quality-cushioned comfort ability have long been attributed to products of Lloyd Table Company. Lloyd Table Company uses Nauga-Plus (not naugahyde) vinyl, which is highly resistant to cracking from acid oils.

Dr. Steffensmeier is proud of his accomplishments and optimistic about the future of his company. "This business was incorporated in 1977 in order to continue to provide high quality products and services," he stated. "Lloyd Table Company now sells equipment to more chiropractors than any other exclusive chiropractic table manufacturer." Lloyd table Company stresses improvements and reliability and Dr .Steffensmeier's plans for the future, center around expansion of his facilities and computer controlled tables in the hydraulic Galaxy line. "My hope," he says, "is that we can continue to expand our product lines and at the same time, provide the prompt and personal service for which we've always been known." "As testimony to our complete support of the Chiropractic profession, we have a multi-million dollar investment in adjusting tables (at no cost) to Chiropractic Colleges throughout the United States. In addition, Lloyd Table Company is a regular contributor to many national, state, and local charities and organizations.